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For this extra credit I went to the circ for the radical beauty display. I loved it! It showed things from what we think are beautiful like in the media. For example how magazines computerize faces and hair and everything! When really behind famous peoples pictures it’s just normal acne wrinkled women like everyone else. This is so sad causing younger women to feel ugly, even not normal. They also had a section where people we naked and all shapes and sizes, but happy and proud. For example I love the picture of two naked woman one skinny, one larger. They were both so happy and smiling. They were both beautiful. I also saw a picture of an overweight woman with words all over here like stereotype words such as lazy, careless, passive, undisciplined, insecure, giving, ect. Then the skinny woman next to her also had words like superficial, confident, mean, vain, ambitious, ect.... my favorite picture that I thought nailed this whole display on the head was the one where a girl asks "which bit would you alter first?" (As she is standing in front of mirror naked asking her mom). Then the mother says "the culture." loved it just shows how we are brain washed into what beauty really is. Not only brain washed about that but also the last picture that intrigued me was a naked picture of a transsexual person. First thought was wow he looks so normal to me. Then I stopped myself and said wait Kelsie why isn’t he normal?! Made me feel bad and like I was brain washed into what’s normal and attractive. Reminded me of Tobin’s journal and how he talks about all the different factors with sex. But really I just saw this man’s face first and I would have never guessed he was a transsexual. This display helped me realize how brain washed we can all be. This is sad but it can start at an early age with the media. What we think it’s beautiful, normal, or…...

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