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Diverse Effects of Movie Violence

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Diverse Effects of Movie Violence
Bob D. Weaver
American Intercontinental University Abstract
Movie Violence has positive and negative effects on society and individuals. Certain results have shown that after viewing violence in a film, viewers are more aggressive. It desensitizes people and makes them more probable to perform violent acts. The violence in films is lifted up by showing that people can achieve goals and live fabulous lifestyles by exerting dominance with violence. However, movie violence has positive effects such as the reduction of crime after large audiences view violent films.
Good and evil, yin and yang, and Newton’s third law all show that there are two sides to everything. Where there is one effect, there is another to counter-balance. This is proven with the diverse effects of violence in movies. More often than not, when people speak about violence in movies, they speak about how it corrupts the minds of youth and leads to mankind becoming more violent as a species. The only arguments that are usually heard against these claims are about how the parents need to control the children and criminals need to stop blaming the television. Although not very known, the violence that is portrayed in movies and television shows has negative as well as positive effects.
The criminal lifestyle in movies and television shows are often displayed as fabulous, powerful, and exotic to where the criminal can have or do anything they want because they often rule with violence. Because many people dream of having similar power and wealth, this lifestyle is appealing to a large audience, especially the younger audience, but it teaches that violence and crime is the way to get it. The violence shown in these movies desensitizes people who perform real life violence and crime and makes them more aggressive and more probable to perform these actions…...

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