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Diversity Identity Paper
Kyla Long
May 12, 2013
Christine Garwick Foley

Diversity Identity Paper
Every person is born with unique attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. These are the attribute that make each individual person different from the next. Within our cultural we are all placed into categories based on our diversities. Some of these placements are done based on looks, economics, social status, gender and maybe even race. A lot of what a person believes about another is based on stereotypes. Stereotyping can be positive or negative.
I am an African American female who grew up in an African American culture. My background stems from Indian as well as Caucasian. I chose to identify with the African American side of me. This is because it is really all I knew while growing up. I was not raised within mixed culture until later in my adolescence.
People close to me would also identify me as being African American because we all share the same attributes. People who do not know me would also see me as being African American. I also run into people that question whether I am “mixed”. This has a lot to do with my outward appearance as far as my hair and eye color being hazel and often changing.
Based on what others would think of me, would be that I am African American and I fit the stereotype which is often associated with us. I sometimes feel for the most people that people assume that I don’t have as much education as I do. They assume that because I am African American I listen to rap music and act “ghetto,” which is a word often associated with us. A big one I believe is that people feel that because of my color I don’t have goals. People often assume because I am African American that I am a Democrat. All of these are just the exact opposite of who I really am. I am almost finished with…...

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