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Date of birth Nationalities Contact details 4 September 1981 Ukrainian, Romanian / Work Permit: European Union Email: / Mobile: + 33 6 82 06 31 96

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2010 - 2013 EXTENT Associates LLC Co-founder of a boutique consulting firm with emphasis on finance advisory


Partner • Developed business practice from a sole-practitioner to 8 full-time and 15 outsourced subcontractors with service revenue of USD 600k • Introduced offering of outsourced CFO services and actuarial services • Served as interim CFO/Chief Restructuring Officer for two clients; hired, trained and reviewed performance of finance teams including CFO coaching for one client • Facilitated divestment of real estate business: negotiated and closed deals on sale of real estate projects worth USD 30M (commercial properties and hotels) for a client 2008 - 2010 Avis Rent-A-Car (Ukraine) Ukraine Leasing and car rental company (~2000 cars, USD 25M in assets), franchisee of Avis Rent-A-Car in Ukraine; acquired in 2008 by TBIF Financial Services (Netherlands) CFO • Executed overall financial management of the company, evaluated and approved all significant management decisions as member of the Board of Directors; directly reported to Supervisory Board (Central European HQ in Bulgaria) • Headed post-acquisition restructuring of the company; achieved increase in operating profit margin by more than 60% by introducing new pricing and cost allocation model • Implemented IFRS and management reporting, budgeting, forecasting, project analysis, risk management and procurement functions • Hired and trained 12 new people to the finance team; managed finance team of 20 employees, supervised ~100 indirect reports • Led fundraising and negotiations with lenders; secured USD 20M of new loans during 2008-2010 • Negotiated contract…...

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