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W4D7 Assignment: Documenting Sources Broad Topic: Capital Punishment
Narrow Topic: Juvenile Maturity Affects Capital Punishment Sentencing

Sub-Topic #1: A juvenile is less culpable than an adult.

Sub-Topic #2: The United States Supreme Court declares that practicing the execution of anyone under the age of 18 to be unconstitutional.

Sub-Topic #3: Human Rights are protected and supported within the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights", adopted by the United Nations General Assembly.

*The sources that support my topic are listed in APA format:

*Eddlem, T.R. (2005). Supreme arrogance: in one of its rulings, the Supreme Court has once again stepped beyond its legal bounds, ending capital punishment for people under 18 years old. Adding insult to injury, the court explicitly cited foreign sources in the main text of its decision. The New American 21.7 (April 4, 2005): p30(3). Retrieved June 5, 2009 from ProQuest database. *Arson, J.D. (2006). Brain imaging, culpability and the juvenile death penalty. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law. Vol.13 (2) pp. 115-142. Revised: March 17, 2007 Accepted: March 21, 2007. Retrieved June 4, 2009 from ProQuest database.

*Amnesty International. (2009). Human Rights. Retrieved June 5, 2009 from

Sub-Point(s) Internet Source Support
From my mind mapping assignment, I have narrowed my topic even further. I have decided to focus my expository essay on the effects that a juvenile's age and maturity have on determining if the death penalty should be imposed or not. The article written by T.R. Eddlem, will assist in explaining the reasoning why the death penalty should be imposed on juveniles. This article also focuses on how the amendments of the Constitution contribute to the decision of imposing the death penalty on juveniles. The article by J.D. Arson expresses how…...

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