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Dominic’s is a local Arizona restaurant that has the entire state in love with their southwestern Italian style food and pizza bistro combination. With Dominic’s unique blend of Italian food anyone can easily find an item on the menu to enjoy. The 1950’s décor on the walls and ceiling along with the Frank Sinatra music playing will take the customer directly to the 50’s decade. Since my first visit to Dominic’s in October 2007 I have been a returning customer that has never been disappointed. Coming from an Italian family I never thought I could find homemade Italian food that compares to my grandmothers until experiencing Dominic’s. The first time I stepped into Dominic’s I expected to eat average Italian food, and once I left the restaurant I was in love with the atmosphere, service, and food. Dominic’s has two locations within the Phoenix metro area and they all have a similar atmosphere with antique collectables scattered throughout the restaurant. Even though both locations have similar decorations they both have extremely different layouts. The 1950’s decorations and atmosphere was the first thing that stood out to me once I walked up to the entrance. The Tempe, Arizona Dominic’s is not like restaurant. The entire restaurant is built like a red house with green trim. Paintings are all over the outside of the building with slogans such as; legalize marinara, Dominic’s dispensary, and many more. As you the customers up to the side entrance there is a host stand outside where someone greets them with a big hello and smile. As the customers walk in Dominic’s the kitchen is the first thing they see, and the guest are greeted again by the kitchen staff. The inside of Dominic’s is upbeat and colorful, and there are small TV’s that play black and white cowboy movies. The restaurant smells of homemade Italian pasta and pizza. Dominic’s…...

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Quickbooks file to make the work to be performed on it easier (Madeira, 2014). In this case, the accountant may find it hard to work with the tasks of the client on a daily basis if no data available on the company website and this makes the client send the data to the accountant through other means. The accountant performs the required tasks on the company file, and no entry is permitted on the file at the client’s computer. After the accountant is done with the work, he will send it to the DC client who may save and use it as it is or may do editing to it after they have done the converting of the file (Perry and Madeira, 2009). Proper accounting for the TakoSami transaction and the effects Dominic Consulting has debited Cash account that is incorrect because TakoSami has paid Dominic Consulting in advance in return of services. The credited account as recorded by the DC Company is wrong. There are no sales that have been made to TakoSami. Since the company has not offered the services to TakoSami, the amount paid should be recorded in the DC books as a liability. Therefore after receiving the cash, prepaid assets should be debited while accounts payable should be credited. After the services have been offered, the accounts payable should be debited while the cash account should be credited (Nelson, 2008). The improper recording of this transaction will lead to wrong figures in the respective accounts, cash flow statement, the profit and loss account, and the statement of......

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