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(DQ_1)Since the success of a project rests largely on the performance of the team, what are some techniques a project manager can employ to foster a group of individuals in becoming a cohesive and high-performing team?

Motivating individuals can be a real challenge, adding the team aspect (depending on the size of the team) brings up many more challenges. If the project manager has the opportunity to pick his/her own team one can bet s/he is going to pick individuals that can be trusted. When a project manager is give a team that assigned to the project s/he will need to meet with each member to find out strengths and weakness; this will allow the manager to make correct assignments to the members. I fill that if the team members are assigned a portion of the project that fits their strengths, than the team will work well.

Short projects, as a rule are easy to stay focused on. The motivation is to be quick and proficient, it is the long drawn out project that one may start to see separation of team members and lost motivation. I think one of the ways to keep a team running smoothly is to set mile-stones throughout the project, and make a note of showing appreciation when these mile-stone are met. Let the team know that not miles-stone can be met every time. The manager should then let the person(s) know that if there is a need of assistance, tell them to speak up letting the manager know that there is a need for help. One of the main jobs of the project manager is making sure that the team has all the recourses needed to make the mile-stones, and overall goal.

(DQ_2)Under what circumstances is it ethically or not in the best interest of project morals to consider outsourcing parts of a project? Provide examples illustrating both and discuss why.

This is a difficult question for me to answer; a little background info on me. I worked for a company that…...

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