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Handled with Care

The story “Handled with Care” by Bob Greene is about a lady who was walking in the street of Michigan Ave with no clothes on. This incident happens in a regular day when people were coming from work. when she walking in the steers a lot of people was looking at her but she didn't seem to mind she just had a smile on her face and she kept walking. A lot of people were starring at her. Man and women were taking pictures of her people. Some people the first thing they thought she was not normal. Some people knew it was a cry for help she wasn't crying but when people looked at her they knew she needed help. the lady kept walking some people had sympathy and didn't even speak to her cause they knew she was trouble and it seemed like most of the people that was around her was handling the situation with maturity. some people wanted to get the help she needed but no one wanted to get involved in the situation. As she kept on walking she just kept taking more of her clothes off till she was completely naked. the lady kept walking with no clothes on she was violating the rules but people knew she had a mental problem that's why they weren't trying to yell at her or telling her to put her clothes on. As she kept walking a police man tracked her down and found her robe on the sidewalk when he caught up to her he gave her the robe and escorted her to the medical center to get the help she desperately needed.
In "Handle with Care "the author is impressed by how onlookers were sympathetic to the woman, not rude as a newspaper had reported. In addition, how we humans can live a regular lifestyle one minute and the next minute how easily we can lose our mind. He was also trying to explain how most people have the courtesy to handle the manor in a civilized way. And though she…...

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