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The effect of E-marketing on the marketing performance of Small Business Enterprise:
A comparative study between Egypt and the UK.

Bradford University School of Management

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16th EDAMBA Summer Academy Soreze, France July 2007


Small Business Enterprises (SBE's) play a major role in the world economy, and their contribution to economic and employment growth is widely recognized. Based on the SBE role as an economic engine to drive global development, this research seeks to understand the practices and activities of these enterprises in terms of electronic marketing (Achieving marketing objectives and functions through the use of electronic communication technology), marketing performance and the effectiveness of industrial and trade SBE’s. In order to do this a comparative study is made between SBE’s in Egypt (developing) and the UK (developed). The main aim of this work is to identify links between the conceptual framework and empirical analysis in this field because they appear to be highly integrated, and if reviewed separately may present distorted results. A triangulation approach will be used in which quantitative and qualitative data will be collected through structured mailed questionnaires and semi-structured interviews to address different levels of investigation, test the hypotheses and address the central research…...

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