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CSIS 1010
EC Assignment 2 1. The basic idea of HTML came from one person’s ideas and thoughts and having another person add their ideas to it and so on and so forth. As most things that are invented and perfected. Html came about because someone wanted away to store all of their information including books, records, letters, and research results. Vannevar Bush wrote an article about a machine he called Memex that could do all of this. He was trying to use the skills that were learned from war in World War II and implement them into peacetime activities. After this idea other scientist and engineers started adding their input to the idea eventually ending up with Hypertext Markup Language.
Markup tags are the basic fundamentals of HTML. Most markup tags come in pairs and are between commands in a webpage. Usually a text or a graphic are in between the two commands or markup tags. Markup tags are invisible though so you would never know that they are there. Parameters are included within the beginning command tag, placed before the second bracket that provide supplementary instructions such as color, size, location, ect. 2. HTML and XML are both markup languages. They both also use tags. They both are read by software. HTML describes attributes of text and XML does not. XML is like a data base. In XML a person has to create their own tags unlike HTML where it has a preset language. HTML also displays the data while XML does not. Anything that has pictures uses HTML. XML is used for sites that need to store a lot of information. So they similar because they are both markup languages but they are different because HTML is very basic and displays things while XML stores data and allows computer and humans to understand what is coded. 3. They might encounter the screen not formatting to the screen of the smart phone resulting in very small wording a pictures. Another thing that could happen is content in the big or desktop version of the website may not appear on the mobile version. From the web makers using a different set of content on either version of the website. Also a big one is that things will take longer to load depending on the data-transfer signal that you have.
To solve some of these issues web designers can think “design for mobile first” it eliminates generating two sets of content for mobile and one for desktop because whatever a mobile device can bring up a desktop can easily do that. To eliminate having sizing issues you use simple HTML line at the begging of the code. It will fix all of your problems related to screen sizing.

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