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Zachary St.Romain
Professor Dr. David C. Simmons
THE 2071: Cinema Appreciation
24 September 2014
Sound Theory, Editing, Mise-en-Scene, and Film Language of Blue
I found the film Blue, by director Krysztof Kieslowski, surprisingly good seeing how usually watch foreign films with subtitles. For me the use of sound was very interesting and helped play a large part in how the movie made me feel. In this film there were also some edits that caught my eye and I will be giving examples of those in this journal entry along with great use of mise-en-scene and film language.
I learned some good sound theory terms during our lecture along with the reading of chapter five in our text book and I will be giving examples of them in the first part of my journal. The overall sound is this film gave me a sad lonely feeling along with some glimpse of a happy feeling. I noticed in the opening scenes some non-diegetic sound as the family drives through the tunnel giving me the feeling of speed. I also noticed non-diegetic sound in the scene where Oliver and Julie are making love and I hear a beautiful piece being played as the score making me feel happy for Julie and knowing she we be ok almost like a since of freedom.
An example of diegetic sound is when Julie picks up a music sheet then we see her run her finger along the notes in a extreme close up shot and I hear the notes which gives me a inside look into her world as she hears the music being played in her head actually making me think she might have possibly been writing this music for her husband all along. Another good example of diegetic sound is when they pick up the music sheet together and they both hear the music being played giving me a preview of her husband’s (possibly her) amazing art.
I also hear another diegetic sound after Julie is locked out of her new apartment and after unsuccessful attempts she finds…...

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