Educational Disadvantage

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Educational Disadvantage
Institutional Advantage:

Educational Disadvantage Equality in the Australian education system is something that is yet to be realized. The term equality is not in reference to gender but has been used in reference to socio-economic status of the students. Australia is first world nation. As such, one would be forgiven to assume that equality in the education system was long realized. It comes as a surprise that Australia has one of the largest disparities in academic performance. The disparity between the best performing students and the world performing lot is among the highest in the world (Australia, 2009). Research has established that in Australia, about 42% of all the students who enroll into institutions of higher learning are from well to do families (Australia, 2003).
On the other hand, only about 15% of the students who enroll into institutions of higher learning (Australia, 2002). It is then clear that there is quite a high level of disparity in the Australian education system about socio-economic status. A fact that seeks to compound the gravity of the situation is that about 40% of all the indigenous students in Australia are unable to meet the mathematics and reading standards that have are expected of Australian students (Teese & Polesel, 2003). Such a situation necessitates the need for a discussion of this issue. If this situation is not addressed, it will culminate in a severe deterioration of the quality of the Australian education system.
One cannot choose the family in which they are born. As such, the only thing one can do is survive to the best degree plausible despite their environment. Australia is a first world nation. As such, policies ought to be the place to lessen the potency of the environment in which one was born as a determinant of the quality of education they will receive. However, at…...

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