Effect of Sexual Scene in Ex Movie

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Research Method in Communication
The effect of sexual scene in EX movie to Dasein and TAR college student from age 18 to 24
Lim Bee Yee
DMC 102- 054
Suzie Lagis
1 August 2011


1. Introduction 3 2. Background to Research 3 3. Problem Statement 4 4. Research Objective 4 5. Research Question 4-5 6. Significance of Research/ Contribution to the Body of Knowledge 5 7. Literature Review 6-8 8. Methodology 8-9 9. Finding 9-19 10. Discussion 19-20 11. Conclusion 20 12. Reference 21

1. Introduction
The purpose of this study is to find out the effect of sexual scenes in movie to college students. The movie that I choose to study in this case is “EX” movie from Hong Kong. The target…...

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