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The human services encompass many roles and responsibilities that work to the benefit of society. Human services workers engage in addressing the needs and problems that people experience. To that end, the presentation of human services comprises that of assisting and leading client’s to a better quality of life. We will discuss two fields within the profession that provide important areas of service including that of self-sufficiency and rehabilitation.
Noted functions which make up human services include assisting those persons who lack mental capacity, helping them return to a previous status quo and assisting those who are unable to care for themselves temporarily. Human services professionals should acquire certain characteristics that enable them to competently perform their job. These characteristics include the ability to be a good listener, compassion and to have a strong commitment to enhancing the client’s life and well-being.
One important aspect of the human services worker’s job is to teach client’s how to access services and programs that will address their most basic needs. Therefore, the human services professional should have an in depth understanding in how services are delivered and the individual agencies and organizations that deliver them. One of the professions that fall under the purview of human services that I find interesting is that of a client advocate. Client advocates impart services that improve needy individual’s quality of life by teaching client’s how to be self-sufficient. Client advocates work with a diverse population and review the needs of their clients in order to determine which programs and benefits they would best be suited to. They help individuals receive the necessary services such as medical treatment, food, housing, and many other needs. It is necessary for client advocates to have good communication skills as well…...

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...Human Services in Action Unit 9 Assignment: Video Option Professor Dr. Bradley Jearldwan Williams HN115-01 February 10, 2015   1. Describe Jim’s self-concept Jim’s self-concept is that he is just an average student in college and that he was not naturally smart like his Dad. Jim also felt that no matter how hard he studies he will never be that A student like his parents want. 2. Explain, using examples from the video and course concepts, how Jim’s self-concept impacted his interaction with his father. Was it positive or negative? Jim believes that Substance abuse is the use drugs which can be for recreational use or it can be an addiction. The substance abuse can be with alcohol, prescription drugs or it can be with illegal drugs. Many people use substance abuse for relief of stress, pain, depression and anxiety. A social worker can be very beneficial option for a person with a substance abuse problem because they have many resources. The social worker assigned to the case gets counseling/therapy for the abuser and family members. A treatment plan is made which usually involves a drug rehabilitation program and 24-hour crisis intervention. The social worker also provides transportation and referrals for assisted living housing. The goal of the social worker is to get the patient a fully functional citizen without the use of drugs. Reasons for child and families needing a social worker are needing a stable home environment, financial support, child......

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