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The Importance of Visual Aids in Teaching English to High School Students

A Research Paper in English IV

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I. Rationale of the Study
This study is about the use of visual aids in teaching English to high school students. English is one of the fundamental subjects in high school. Since the English language is also considered as the business language, it is important to learn it. Thus, teaching language is as challenging as it could be nowadays. With the evolution of education, visual aids have been created and they have paved the way to better learning. Using visual aids enables students to learn more, to maximize learning and to enjoy learning.

Views regarding the importance of visual aids vary. Many have different views and opinions regarding visual aids. Thus, to shed light regarding the commonly used visual aids, its effect to English teaching and the problems perceived by the students, a research is made.

II. Statement of the Problem This study looked into the use of visual aids in English teaching and its effects to the learning of high school students. Specifically, this study sought to answer the following problems:
1. Is the use of visual aids effective in student learning? 2. What are the common visual aids used in English teaching?
3. What are the problems encountered by the students regarding the use of the visual aids? III. Result

The following are major findings of the study:

1. Yes, the use of visual aids in English teaching is effective.

2. The commonly used instructional material in language teaching is chalk board.

3. The problems encountered by the students are unavailable visual aids, unused visual aids, and lack of teacher expertise in using the visual aids.


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