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Effects of Movie to Youths

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Addiction is one who becomes psychologically dependent on a habit-forming-activity. People with an addiction do not have the control over what they are actually doing, taking or using. Addictions not only include physical things we consume, such as alcohol or drugs; it may include virtually anything around us; it comes in many form and one of them is that of movies. Movies cause addiction. Why do we say so? In this modernization society, youths tend to watch movies for solace when they feel stressed and pressured; they can get temporary emotional relief while watching it. However, the addiction of movies can be expensive if we go to mall or theatres. Money is not only spent on movie tickets, yet they also need to pay for other expenses like petrol fees, parking fees, and of tit-bits. Youths should learn how to spend wisely as they are not earning these money by their own, and they should have spend these money on something that can benefits more to them such as buying reference books. Moreover, addiction to movies can also affect youth’s mental and physical health. When they are addicted to movies, they will start paying attention on every new movie they are interested to; their main concerns become the release date of the movie, the booking, the trailers, and so on. Watching movie without tit-bits is meaningless, and that they will eat those unhealthy foods that may harm their health. When they having addiction on movies, they are neglecting exercise; regular exercise is necessary for every individual for physical fitness and health. Furthermore, addiction makes youths become laziness. When they are addicted to movies, they will be neglecting their studies as well. They will be feeling lazy to do their homework and this will directly influence their learning and studies. Student’s main responsibility is to work hard on their studies to have a better future; they should not addict to movies. Stress can be released in many ways like exercise, listen to music, and so on. Watch movie once a while is allowable. What we can conclude on this point is addiction can be say as the main effect which directly causes other effects to occur. When a person is addicted to movies, meanwhile other factors that we are going to discuss later on will be all soon effecting on that particular person. Therefore, youths should prevent themselves from addiction of movies to avoid from all other consequences to be effect on them.…...

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