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Electric Vehicles Can Help Us Achieve Freedom from Oil

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Electric Vehicles Can Help us Achieve Freedom from Oil Has the United States ever done something to decrease the oil dependence? Are people trying to help and reduce the pollution? What is one solution? A solution could be starting to promote, and use electric cars, because they provide a viable alternative to gasoline-fueled cars, and because the benefits outweigh the cost of buying an electric car.
Electric cars are a necessity for the future. They can help The United States to achieve freedom from oil, and they are good for the environment. It is known that electric cars produce zero CO2, and nitrous oxide emissions, since cars that use gasoline are responsible for around 25% of all global gas emissions. Promoting, and buying electric cars is going to help us keep the planet green, and it is going to save us money, why is it going to save us money? Because it may be that buying an electric car is more expensive than a normal one, but at the end, electric cars spend electricity, and electricity is cheaper than petrol, and it is a renewable resource.
“About 3 cents per mile driven is all it costs to "fuel" a typical electric car today, assuming an electricity rate of 10 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). By contrast, at a pump price of $2.75 per gallon, a 25-mpg conventional car costs more than three times that amount.” (Renewable Energy, 2012). According to the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, about 75 percent of the chemical energy stored in an electric car's battery can be translated to mechanical energy that rotates the wheels of the vehicle. By contrast, only about 20 percent of the energy stored in a conventional vehicle's tank of gas actually moves the vehicle down the road. The rest is simply lost, primarily to heat created during the combustion process, but also to other factors, such as friction and air-pumping losses in the…...

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