Electricity Crisis

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 Is the act of advertising a good or services with the short/long term goal of increasing sales.


 The amount of money available for promotion is the real determinant of the mix. BIG companies can make greater and more effective use of advertising than firms with limited resources. Small businesses rely on personal selling dealer displays.
 The influence of the nature of a company’s market is affected by the Geographic scope of the market, its concentration and type of customers and nature of competition.
 Consumer product and industrial goods frequently require different strategies. For instance, firms marketing convenience goods will rely heavily on manufacturer’s advertising, plus emphasis on dealers display. Personal selling plays a minor role, for industrial Goods such as machinery.
 PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE (CPLC) – the course of a product’s sales and profit over its lifetime. Every product seem to go to PLC –it is born, goes through several phrases, and eventually dies as younger products come along that better suit and serve the consumer needs.


 Is a tool that is available for everyone to use. Presentation and promotion ideas, goods, or services. ADVERTISING is MULTIDIMENSIONAL. I t can be viewed as a form of communication, as a component on an economic system, and as a means of financing the mass media. It can be also viewed as a social unit, as an art form, as an instrument of business management, as a field of employment, and as a profession.

The ultimate Goal of advertising is to increase the…...

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...Nowadays, the electricity exerts a significant influence on individual's life, not only because the high demand of production in each country, also the diversity of peoples' lives. Therefore, the raw materials, such as oil, coal and gas, are highly demanded in the world. Known to all, however, these materials which are mentioned above are non-renewable resources, and their reserves will certainly, continuously and greatly decrease, so, exactly it is vital to reverse the irrational use of non-renewable resources. In recent years, in virtue of the greatly decreasing of non-renewable resources, scientists and researchers are accelerating the development of the Green Energy, such as wind, wave and solar energy, strenuously making the new green energy more acceptable and popular among individuals, countries and the world. "For example, Renewable energy is seen by the UK government as one vital component of a climate change strategy, for which it has set a notional target of 10% of electricity production (Department of Trade and Industry, 1999)."( Citizen versus consumer: challenges in the UK green power market S.L. Batley, D. Colbourne, P.D. Fleming, P. Urwin). But, there are some critical problems which people cannot ignore, such as the green energies' exploration, technology, exploitation and prices. Consequently, how to explore and use the green energy, instead of the non-renewable energy, to the most degree and enable the green energy to be affordable to the public have become...

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...Forecast Model for Electricity Consumption in Malaysia. Abstract The purpose of this article is to compare and determine the most suitable technique for forecasting the Electricity Consumption Malaysia. The data was obtained from Statistical Department from January 2008 until December 2012. Five univariate modeling techniques were used include Naïve with Trend Model, Average Percent Change Model, Single Exponential Smoothing, Holt’s Method Model and Holt-winter’s. The data are divided into two parts which are model estimation (fitted) and model evaluation. The selection of the most suitable model was indicated by the smallest value of mean square error (MSE) and Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE.) Based on the analysis, Holt’s Method Model is the most suitable model for forecasting electricity consumption since it has the smallest value of MSE and MAPE. Keywords: Univariate Modelling Techniques; Forecast Model; Mean Absolute Percentage Error; Mean Square Error. Introduction Electricity is one of the most important and used form of energy. Nowadays, electricity is essential for economic development especially for industrial sector. Malaysia, as a developing country, the important of electricity cannot be denied especially in industrial sector. Malaysia’s National electricity utility company (TNB) is the largest in the industry, serving over six million customers throughout the country. TNB is responsible for transmission and distribution of electricity.......

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...Appendix 15 Appendix 1.0 15 Appendix 1.1 16 Appendix 1.2 16 Appendix 1.3 17 Company Background As the major electricity provider serving almost 6 million customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, SEC is responsible for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity throughout the Kingdom. Wholly owned by shareholders, the SEC also sets the price of electricity sold to consumers and industry under rules set by the Saudi government based on the cost of production, distribution and services. On 05/04/2000, Saudi Electricity Company was established as a Saudi joint stock company. This stipulated the merger of all Saudi electricity companies in the Central, Eastern, Western and Southern Regions in addition to the ten small companies operating in the north of the Kingdom as well as all other electricity operations managed by The General Electricity Corporation, into a single joint stock company which is now known as Saudi Electricity Company. It is a Riyadh-based utility, with 80% state-owned and 20% listed shares. Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) is one of the largest utility companies in the GCC, both by market capitalization ($ 12,572M), and in terms of its installed power generation capacity (40.697GW). The company owns 85% generation and 100% transmission, distribution and retail of electricity in region. It generates 37GW of electricity from 45 oil and gas-fuelled power plants and has signaled interest in investing in solar energy, including a 20-30MW......

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