Ellen Moore: Living and Working in Korea

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« Ellen Moore (A): living and working in Korea »

* Why is Ellen successful as a manager?

Ellen Moore is a hard-worker person and she did a lot of study to acquire a good status. Every job she had, before going to Korea, were successfully achieved. In fact she quickly got a good level in the hierarchy of every company which she had worked for. So, she was chosen to accomplish this project with a truly confidence of her superior. In addition of her skills and study, she also had a really hard experience in Bahrain. A very difficult culture for a woman, there she had to gain respect among men but because of this difference, she acquired high skills in capability, creativity, and project management. So, when she arrived in Korea she had already read some basis staff about how to act in a business manner. For example, she knew that while receiving a business card she had to pay attention to it carefully and ask some question about it. Also she had to be aware that asking question while someone explains you something is really inappropriate in Korea and means that your teacher is not relevant. To conclude, Ellen is a good manager for all the skills mentioned above and also because she was performing while she had the occasion to manage the consultants and find out that they were less experimented than expected.

* What would you advise Ellen to do and why?

Ellen Moore is a really good manager but she had some troubles with it. Indeed, her partner Jack seems really uncomfortable of working with her, for three reasons, she is a woman and historically Confucian values (Exhibit 1) have dictated a clear difference between men and women in Korea, she has higher skills than him and she comes from another country. So, obviously even if there is a difference between both cultures he didn’t accept her in his internal system (Exhibit 2). Basically, these are the…...

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