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English assessment
The earliest English towns most often grew around an intersection. People lived a peaceful country life in harmony with the environment, until the industrial revolution in the second half of the 18th century, which changed the calm lifestyle. The small rural citizens were forced to sell their land to the landlords and gradually moved to the cities, where they often only found poorly paid work in factories.
The factories changed and eventually got bigger and bigger. The owner of the factory original lived near his factory and his workers, which he ruled over like a paterfamilias, during the 19 century, the factory towns developed into to large cities, where factory workers lived so closely together in horribly built buildings, also known as “back to backs”. The owners of the factories would, on the other hand, luxuriously in their big houses, far from the workers misery.
After a while as the railway network spread in the 19th century, the middle class moved out of the cities, hereby the arise of the characteristic English neighborhoods with the double houses, that we know so well, and the cities were left to the working poor and the immigrants in the 19 and 20 century, which came to England from the Commonwealth.

1. He felt very sorry for the poor woman ouside the house, and said that she ought to be helped. 2. He bought at new car which was more expensive than the old car had been 3. I could not drive his car, so I took my own. 4. The radio means a great deal to the blind man. 5. This is the most remarkable sound I have ever heard 6. There are many poor people in London 7. Mr Nelson is the only person I trust 8. Fred took the big apple and left the small one for me 9. We have no big cigars, only small ones. 10. We must help the…...

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