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Good afternoon to my honourable teacher, Puan Rubi, and also my dearest classmate.Today I want to tell you a little about my favourite book titled L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad.Like Amilyn state yesterday,teenagers nowadays like to read love story,book and novel.I agreed with it because most of my novel are about love story.This book is not totally about love but still,there are some elements of love.
Basically this book is about the author herself,Lauren Conrad,but some of the story are true and some are maybe just her imagination to make the story interesting.This story is about Jane and her best friend,Scarlett.They move from Santa Barbara to LA for certain reason.Jane has an internship with Fiona Chen who's a event planner and Scarlett studied at University of Southern California,known as U.S.C.
They live like a normal teenage girl at first until one day,Trevor Lord,a producer of reality show met them and offer them to star in new reality show called L.A. Candy.The tv programme shows ups-and-down of Jane,Scarlett and two other girl’s life,name Madison and Gaby.This story also shows behind the scene of reality shows and ofcourse there are a lot of drama and some backstabbing in this story.
I love this story because it teaches me about friendship as Jane and Scarlett are bestfriend since they were 5 years old.Though sometimes they had a bit of quarrel,they still close to each other and it show the strength of their friendship.
I really enjoyed this book so much .So,.if you guys like the feels and hells of reality show,I would definitely suggest this book.
This book is one of trilogy series of L.A Candy.The second book is called Sweet Little Lie and there are sneak peek of Sweet Little Lie in this book.The third book is called Sugar and Spies.So,if you guys want to read this book,make sure to read two other book to find out the ending.
Thank you for your attention and HAPPY READING!…...

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