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Final Draft Arabic language is harder than English.
What makes a language to be difficult to learn? It is possibly very popular question examined by linguists. To define difficulties of a language, it can be meant by hard grammar, difficult technique of writing, pronunciations and it also depends on a person's native language etc. In comparison of difficulties in learning, Arabic language is harder than English because it has hard grammar and vocabulary, complex pronunciations and difficult writing system.
Firstly, Arabic is harder to learn than English because it needs to learn new script, new consonant sounds, different syntax and also vocabulary with some cognates. Arabic grammar is harder than English because Arabic verb conjugations are very involved and there are lots of forms for everything. Arabic has many inconsonant roots, so rare possible to understand which words are related with which meaning. For example, The starting and the ending of words change depending on who is telling and what the speaker are referring to and whether they are asking question or not. The results of these complications that the alphabets do not replicate what they speak and what they mean. Complexities of Arabic grammar and vocabulary are much more than English grammar and vocabulary. This apparently makes English is easier than Arabic.
Secondly, Arabic language sound system is completely different. Arabic pronunciation contains a good range of individual throaty sounds which are formed in an altered way than other languages. On the other hand the grammar also make the pronunciation more difficult as there are two verb tenses and verb tenses are highly consistent in conjugation. All techniques of implementation of segmental and super segmental areas needs large amount of time to learn than English. There are few deep sounds which foreigner cannot imitate with little practice. Overall, Arabic language has some challenging sounds and sound phenomena. As a result in concern of these difficulties of Arabic pronunciations Arabic language is harder comparing with English.
Although, Arabic has alphabets which makes the writing easier than Chinese and Japanese. But it is not reliable than English alphabets. Arabic letters have three versions that seem very dissimilar to a beginner learner. Such as- initial. Middle and final etc. There are different dots which reflect different meaning of each letter this makes confusion between each words and letters for the beginners. The Arabic vowels are not in written so if the learner has not heard the words before then it will be very confusing to understand the words only by reading, as the alphabets do not sounds same as its written. Above all, the written Arabic does not helps to understand the way the Arabic people speak. As a general demonstration Arabic writing system is harder than the English writing system.
In conclusion, difficulties of a language are counted by three major sections those are hard grammar, complex pronunciation and difficult writing techniques. Therefore, Arabic language has complex grammar and vocabulary and each words and letters have different forms. Difficult pronunciation also makes the language hard .The writing techniques are deceiving because each letters contains different meanings. Besides this, each language is important therefore to make Arabic language less hard there should be enough resources, should increase learning institution and top of all the grammar and writing style should be more liberal and precise.…...

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