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In years past, when enterprises were starting, it suffered data lose and information retrieval was difficult since there was no strong security service to protect already gathered information. Production, distribution and some other functions were very difficult to achieve due to weak security services but as the days passed by enterprise has struggled to secure its services and with the aid of growth in technology and programming enterprise services has reached a reasonable degree in achieving its dream by protecting its services from harm. An enterprise is an activity or a project that produces services or products. There are essentially two types of enterprise, business and social enterprises. Business enterprises are run to make profit for a private individual or group of individuals. This includes small business while social enterprise functions to provide services to individuals and groups in the community. These shows that an enterprise security service is a form of protecting the services or the product of individuals and groups in the community from harm (preventing unauthorized users from gaining access). Enterprise now uses Biometric, Encryption and some others forms of security to form the backbone of its services.
The term "biometrics" is derived from the Greek words bio (life) and metric (to measure). Biometrics refers to the automatic identification of a person based on his/her physiological or behavioral characteristics. This method of identification is preferred over traditional methods involving passwords and PIN numbers for its accuracy and case sensitiveness. A biometric system is essentially a pattern recognition system which makes a personal identification by determining the authenticity of a specific physiological or behavioral characteristic…...

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