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The year -2013, I was born 17 years ago in a relatively pollution free and clean environment. But those days are gone! I remember being able to go out in the middle of July and play outside in the clear blue sky, but now that is not possible. A clear blue sky is a rare sight and the high pollution levels and temperatures make it impossible. Al Gore’s movie on global warming” The Inconvenient truth” is an eye opener. It grabs the viewers’ attention and starkly portrays the causes and effects of global warming. It puts the consequences of our actions into a larger perspective.
I found Al Gore’s presentation extremely convincing for numerous reasons. Firstly, he uses humor to engage the audience and once he has their attention he foccuses on the pressing issue of global warming. Secondly, he uses a lot of examples to illustrate his point. Instead of lecturing that, “Temperatures are rising, we should stop it.” He uses vivid examples and graphic illustrations of the destruction of our planet and of life as we know it if we do not stop this relentless emission of green house gases. This tactic effectively drives the message home. For instance, an image that is embedded in my head is the thought of my hometown Mumbai disappearing from the face of this planet because of the rising sea levels. His movie elevates the concept of global warming from a text- book lesson to one that will directly impact each and every one of us. He personalizes the issue. Lastly, all his statements are backed up by graphs, statistics, and hard evidence, which makes the viewer believe in his truth and forces people to listen to his message.
The objective of his movie was to draw attention to a truth which everyone is aware of,but one which is tucked away in a corner. Simply because as he puts it,it is an” Inconvenient truth”. The audience is drawn into the movie and it makes us realize that every small action even as simple as shutting our lights when not in use can make a big difference to this world. He is successful in his mission because he has successfully managed to put the spotlight back on an issue which though once in the news, had off late got increasingly side lined. Also the rate of global warming has slowed in the last five years and the increased awareness could be one of the factors. In my list this movie should be a mandatory watch for each and every one of us.…...

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