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Eros and Agape

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Eros and Agape
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Eros and Agape Love is a powerful intoxicating emotion; it has prevailed over centuries of tribulations, and has helped mankind endure countless attacks of evil, and the unfortunate privation of life. Original sin unveiled intelligence that essentially hardened mankind’s hearts; it set us upon the path of hardships that spawned a need for redemption. It is important to note that there are actually four types of love which I suppose we’ve all experienced sometime in our lives. First there is Philos, which means friendship or brotherly love, the word is derived from Philadelphia, known as the “City of Brotherly Love”, second is Storge, which is a family love, referring to the close bond among mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, third is Eros, which refers to natural or sexual love that can exist between a man and a woman, and lastly Agape, also known as supernatural love, which refers to the unearned love God has for humanity, and, the love we should have for our neighbors’ salvation. Although there are several types of love, let’s evaluate and make distinction between Eros and Agape. Lets’ refer back to the beginning to explain the present. When I was young, I’ve heard that for God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. This may be the best example of agape, the unearned love God has for humanity. Consequently, eros or natural or sexual love was initially scrutinized in an analysis of speeches by men attending Plato’s Symposium, otherwise known as the “drinking party” in 380 BC. Each apprentice philosopher had to deliver a speech in praise of love, as a rite of passage, to earn their scholarly title. Now that we know the origins of agape and eros, we’ll examine each as they pertain to us.

Eros is always self-seeking, and its reciprocity is predicated on individuality and happiness between a man and a woman, or significant other. Whereas in spousal love it’s principally exclusive, meaning eros love should be limited to one single person. On the other hand, with agape love, human reciprocity is not its most important goal; it needs to be intimately connected to loved ones, and concerned about its neighbor’s well-being. As a result, this love can be directed to anyone, it doesn’t discriminate against gender, sexual orientation, age, race, political affiliation, or any other category we’ve created. Under these grounds, love of thy neighbor is not exclusive; the primary concern is always the neighbors’ salvation. One of the central differences and trepidation between agape and eros love, is the danger of idolization, adulating anything other than God. When we idolize our husbands or wives, or significant others, we unknowingly or consciously attempt to replace God by worshipping someone or something else other than the almighty. This has certainly been the case throughout the beginning of time. Throughout our history, we’ve idolized false gods, idols, and even sacrificed (put to death) their children and domestic animals, to skillfully fashioned cement, silver or gold deities, with aspirations of appeasing their blessings; an example would be requesting rain for crops during drought seasons, or desiring that their son or daughter be healed. Furthermore, in the fifties, sixties and even the seventies, our generations pampered themselves with fine clothes and expensive jewelry, partying in Studio 57, and overindulging their time, money, energy to please their flesh. More specifically, they idolized illegal drugs that seamlessly trapped their souls and minds in that period, thus reducing their necessity for love. Agape, the unearned love God has for humanity, is far superior and vital than any love, it is inevitable to sustain life itself, and is the main focus at “doing good” to our neighbors. Its goal is the love of sinners in spite of their sin; from creation, it was manifested naturally to win souls. In summary, there are four types of love, Philos which means friendship, Storge which is a family love, Eros which refers to natural or sexual love that can exist between a man and a woman, and the most important, Agape, otherwise known as supernatural love, which refers to the unearned love God had for humanity and the love we have for our neighbors’ salvation. Specifically we’ve evaluated their differences and made distinctions between Eros and Agape. Although one is self-seeking and purely hunts for physical value in others, the latter displays selflessness in concern for its neighbors’ salvation. They are very different, agape doesn’t respond to individuality of a person, but to his or her character and dignity as a person. In agape, we already know we matter and are loved because of our faith in God, and since everyone deserves God’s love. This love isn’t based on physical attractiveness, lovability, charm, or even beauty, as most of our society seems to worship, but purely on God’s sincere love and devotion for all of his children.


Hildebrand, A. v. (2005, May). Eros and Agape. Knights of the Holy Eucharist , 19-27.…...

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