Essay Analysis: Unfettered by Guilt, She’s Ready for Checkout

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Kayla Morrone
September 19th, 2012

Unfettered by guilt, she’s ready for checkout written by Rosie DiManno is an expository essay following the trial and sentence of the formerly known as Karla Leanne Teale. It discusses Karla’s actions, the damage they cause and whether or not she is genuinely guilt-ridden for what she’s done. I feel DiManno writes a well-crafted essay that stimulates an intellectual and emotional response to Karla’s trials. It lets audiences uncover the truth behind Karla Teale and whether or not she is deserving of a new life in Montreal. The author’s purpose in writing the essay encourages intellectual thoughts in order to form a basic opinion of Karla. She then reinforces the opinion through the use of tone, allowing a new emotional perspective. The language the author uses brings together the essay’s objective in reaching a final conclusion of Karla, one that is not admirable. It is difficult to imagine, from my point of view, that someone would defend Karla for the crimes she is convicted of. However, these people do exist and Rosie DiManno makes it her objective in this essay to show Karla’s true colours. She explains Karla’s actions, interprets and then criticizes them to allow the audience to realize Ms. Teale’s underlying intentions. I feel Rosie makes this point clear through her use of rhetorical questions to mock, ridicule and demonstrate Karla’s lack of sentiment. An example of this literary device is seen through the quotation “It’s Karla Leanne Teale who petitioned the warden at the Joliette Institution for escorted day passes, ostensibly designed to ease her gradually from prison to freedom before her mandatory release… Does that speak to the sentiments that might still exist in Karla’s treacherous heart?” (DiManno). I believe this use of a rhetorical question emphasizes the author’s point about how unremorseful…...

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