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Ret fejlene i følgende sætninger og forklar på dansk dine rettelser

1. The apples felt to the ground in the storm.
The apples fell to the ground in the storm (felt er føle, falde hedder fell I præteritum)

2. There seemed to be a lot of turmoil, and everybody were screaming.
There seemed to be a lot of turmoil, and everybody was screaming ( ord, som ender på -body bøjes I 3. pers ental)

3. The police were searching all the guests at the disco for possession of knifes.
The police were searching all the guests at the disco for possession of knives. (stavefejl - ændrer konsonant i flertal, one knife, two knives)

4. "I believe in you! I'm confident that you will all do exceptional well."
"I believe in you! I'm confident that you will all do exceptionally well." (lægger op til adjektiv, så er exceptionally et adverbium)

5. The childrens bicycles were stolen
The children’s bicycles were stolen (apostroffejl)

6. The furniture in his flat were old and shabby
The furniture in his flat was old and shabby (Furniture bøjes I 3. pers ental, utælleligt subjektiv)

7. Even though it's summer, I'm looking forward to the Christmas!
Even though it's summer, I'm looking forward to Christmas! ( Christmas har ingen artikel,)

8. She asked her colleague to borrow her some money for lunch
She asked her colleague to lent her some money for lunch (lent bruges i denne sammenhæng når det er noget veninden låner til hende. )

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