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Ethical Dilemma
Elizabeth Headley
CJS / 211
November 2, 2015

One ethical dilemma we seem to be facing on the United States today is how our law enforcement is upholding our laws and whether or not they are abusing them. Another dilemma that mixes in with that is how our youth does not seem to have the same respect as they once did, whether in schools our out in the streets. I would like to discuss the incident involving a police officer from South Carolina who was recently fired for a disturbing behavior caught on video in a high school classroom.
It is hard to say how this all happened, we can only rely on a few cell phone videos and accounts of students who witnessed what occurred in the class room that day. From what we do know from the media, a female student was disruptive in class with her cell phone. An officer was called in to handle the situation. When the female student did not comply with the officer’s demands, the officer became physical with the female student by grabbing her, and flipping her in her desk, onto the floor. The dilemma is; was the officer wrong in the way he handled the situation? Should he have used physical force to address the situation and should the officer have been fired for the way he handled himself?
It did not take long for the video to become viral, and of course, most people were outraged. This outrage more than likely was fueled by all the recent police brutality incidents that seem to plague the news outlets these days. After a day or so, the divide began. More people thought the female student deserved it and that she was in the wrong, while others still felt it was all too much for the situation. Because of this situation, the officer in question was suspended immediately and then was later fired from his job. The divide stayed the same. Many felt he deserved it and many felt it was not necessary. This has opened…...

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