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Most professions have an ethical guideline that most will follow and adhere too, some have more responsibility than others, the medical industry for example has a very crucial ethical standing to go with the line of work, such as patient confidentiality (2009), but that isn’t to say that ethics in other lines of work aren’t as relevant as others.

The line for what is ethically right and wrong in the design/development industry can be a little blurred at times (2007), for example graffiti could be looked at by some as offensive, whereas others may see it as creative freedom. This can cause problems for designers who have to take an extra responsibility to make sure their work is ethically correct.

Back in 1995 when web browsers were fairly new there had not been much thought and consideration put in to ethics related to browsers (2011), this was partly due to there a relatively small amount of the population using the internet at the time, so not every issue had been discovered or addressed.

As browsers progressed ethical problems arose such as online security and what details a browser should and shouldn’t save, issues which needed addressing immediately, such as cookie law, advertisements and data tracking.

Chrome is a relatively new web browser, launched in 2008 by Google. Being a new browser means any ethical issues previously found in browsers, such as how information entered by a user can be stored and how it is allowed to be used, could instantly be implemented, giving them a valuable usability advantage when it was launched. Google are not open source like Firefox, meaning all developing is done in house, so they are fully responsible for tackling ethical subjects.

Google started out as a simple search engine (2013), but quickly became a powerhouse in the technological world. But to their advantage Google used their search engine past in their…...

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