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Ethical Analysis

1. Gather relevant information: How recent do the tattoos have to be in order to exclude one from the test? Does Maria have financial reasons for falsifying her questionnaire? Does Maria believe the tattoo will affect her being accepted into the clinical class? What are the legal factors regarding this issue? 2. Identify the type of ethical problem: I believe Maria struggles with a moral distress problem. Maria knows it is wrong to falsify the questionnaire. However, because of what I believe to be internal barriers, she is unable to do what is right. 3. Use ethics theories or approaches to analyze the problem: In this situation, I would choose the deontological approach. I think, especially as a student entering into clinic classes for radiologic technology, Maria is bound by veracity and there should be no exception for telling the truth. 4. Explore practical alternatives: Maria could wait the allotted time before having the blood work and HIV test done. Maria could have answered the questionnaire truthfully; it did not specify exclusion so they could possibly just take extra precautions. Maria could go to a clinic, even a free clinic, where she was not donating blood and the tattoo would not be an issue.
I think Maria should have answered the questionnaire truthfully; it was, in fact, her duty. As a student in the radiologic technology program she would have known in advance the procedures for entering into clinical classes. With that said, Maria should not have gotten the tattoo in the first place. It is now Maria’s duty to do the right thing and accept the consequences.…...

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