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To: Carol Tempest,VP of human Resources
From: Molicia E. Freeman
CC: Gayle Dornier, sales representative, Bill Witherspoon
Date: June 13, 2013
Re: Misunderstanding between Coworkers
A few days ago an employee inform of a situation that was transpiring within my team. They wanted to give me advance warning because the incident could affect the relationship of the team as well as our performance. A female coworker been getting flowers in the office almost every week and is not sure where they're coming from. Judging from the cards, she thinks they are coming from someone in the company but at this point she is really unsure. She has received a total of three deliveries and is becoming uncomfortable particularly since fellow workers are beginning to talk.

Later the male coworker mentioned that he had struck up a friendship with a female coworker who is having a rough quarter. He expressed that he fears the rough time could be stressing her out. He also mentioned that he has been trying to cheer her up and bolster her self-confidence; however he did not mention what he was doing to cheer her up. He said that he thought as her manager I should at least know that she's really trying, but so far this quarter has been incredibly difficult.
The female worker also sent me an email asking if she could speak with me in confidence. She said that she nervous about talking to anyone, but needed some advice.

I have talked with the female employee and encourage her to speak with the male coworker about the situation to clear up any possible misconceptions. I also informed her that matter is confidential, but may have to report a work-related problem. I also recommended that she review the company handbook before meeting with me.


Each of us strives to maintain comfortable work atmosphere as well as maintain…...

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