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Etp Materials

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Date: 31.08.12
Chhatak, Sunamgonj,
Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Sub: Rest requisition for ETP.

|Sl. No. |Description |Qty. |
| |1½” MS Short pipe 6” long Thread type |5 pcs |
| |1½” CI ball valve |5 pcs. |
| |1½” MS Nipple |10 pcs |
| |1½” MS Union Thread |5 pcs |
| |1½” MS Elbow Thread |5 pcs |
| |1” MS Socket Thread |40 pcs |
| |1” CI ball valve |5 pcs |
| |1” GI Tee |4 pcs |
| |1” GI Union |6 pcs |
| |1” GI Nipple |10 pcs |
| |3” MS/PVC Nipple |9 pcs |
| |3” Butterfly valve |9 pcs. |
| |Thread tape |48 pcs. |
| |4” Pressure Gauge (3-5Kg) |1 nos. |
| |½” MS Socket |4 nos. |
| |½” Saifun Pipe |2 nos. |
| |5 mm Rubber Gasket |Running 4 meter |
| |100 m3/hr. Water Flow Meter with 2 pcs flange |1 pcs. |
| |1½” PVC pipe Thread type |180 rft |
| |1½” PVC F Socket |10 pcs |
| |1½” PVC Bond Cap Thread type |5 pcs |
| |1½” PVC Elbow Thread type |7 pcs |
| |500 Lrt PVC tank |1 pcs |
| |1500 Lrt PVC tank |2 pcs |
| |1” PVC pipe |60 rft |
| |1” PVC Elbow Push type |15 pcs |
| |1” PVC Ball valve Push type |6 pcs |
| |1” PVC Union Push type |3 pcs |
| |1” PVC Valve socket |3 pcs |
| |1” PVC Socket Thread type |3 pcs. |
| |8” PVC Bend |1 pcs. |
| |2” PVC Pipe |160 rft |
| |4” X 2” PVC reducer |2 pcs. |
| |2” PVC Tee Push type |7 pcs |
| |2” PVC Ball valve push type |8 pcs. |
| |2” PVC union push type |10 pcs. |
| |2” PVC Elbow Push type |10 pcs |
| |2” PVC Bond cap |7 pcs |
| |8 mm SS rowel bolt |650 pcs |
| |1½” X 1½” GI Box (Hollow section) |80 rft |
| |Gear motor: |3 pcs |
| |RPM: 50 | |
| |Gear Shaft according to gear hole (6 rft long) |3 nos |
| |Sludge recycle pump: Capacity: 20 m3/hr, Head: 10 meter |3 nos. |
| |Origin: Europe | |
| |Pump Brand: Grounfos, ABS, or Equivalent | |
| |Submersible type With fittings | |
| |Tube settler (PVC sheet + MS angle ) |As required |
| |Control panel board |1 set |
| |Shylhet Sand (Single) |60 cft |
| |1” Single Gravel |1 Truck (200 Cft) |
| |Activated Carbon |1 Ton |

According to my assessment; approx need BD Tk. 10 lakh for this materials purchase.
And this may be final purchase.…...

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