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* D2: Analyse and evaluate your performance as a team. Identify what style of leadership you used and what were your strengths and weakness within your group.
As a team leader I have used different leadership style. I used Authoritarian where I provide clear instructions for what needs to be done and are very to the point. I used democratic style as well where my team gives the ideas and l make the decision that which idea is good to use. As a team leader I also used Transformation where l motivate and try to inspire my team by talking about the future and the outcome at the end of the task. * My strengths were that I was very confident to complete my task and I communicate with my team very well, which help my team to feel comfortable to work with me. As a team leader, I possess important skills and abilities that I can pass on to my team members. The best way of doing this is to coach them in the new skills and then delegate tasks to them so that they may use those new skills. Delegating is a great way of encouraging my team members to develop themselves and for me to develop coaching and mentoring skills. * As the same I have weakness as a team leader which was time running, quick thinking, and get nervous around people. During the task 2 times we run out of the time and we couldn’t complete the task on time. When I get the task I can’t think quickly for good and useful an idea that’s why some time I take more time to think and complete the task. My other weakness is getting nervous around the people when I am working with different people I get nervous and I can’t concentrate on my task.

* D3: How effective one of your team members was in the role that you gave them within the task that you led. Highlight the strengths and weakness and how that impact on the success of your task.
I have given a task to my team member he did very well. He…...

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...P1 Outline the responsibilities of the different levels of government in the UK UK Parliament ← → Taxes ↓ Welsh Assembly ← → Health → Public Services ↓ → Education Refuse collection ← → Housing Recycling ← ↓ → Town Councils Council Tax These are the different organisations and branches of government which help to keep the country and the public services running smoothly and efficiently. The system of government in the UK has two main levels: central government and local government. But we also have regional government and the the European Union which affect us. The central government is located in the London and run’s the whole country by taking over the most important responsibilities that any other government levels in the UK has. These responsibilities are making new laws, signing agreements with the other nations and also defending the nation. The central government has all these responsibilities because as it’s the main government within the UK, it contains the 3 political institutions which make up parliament...

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...Central government is in charge at a national level, it is positioned in London where the houses of parliament and the House of Lords have many different types of responsibilities. One of their responsibilities is to protect the whole country at a national level. The good thing about this responsibility is that it will make our country a safer place to live in by creating new laws and policies which will help protect the people either from drink/driving laws or smoking ban where they keep you from harm. The bad thing about this responsibility is only a selected few hundred MPs can make the choice and even through the people in the House of Commons are voted in by us, they may not do what is in our best interest and will vote on their principles and beliefs and they could have a bias opinion. An example would be the House of parliament and when they are in session they discuss lots of different issues and reports and in front of the speaker. Our country signs treaties with other countries so we can make deals with each other which are friendly and to help keep the peace and so we can be allies with each other this is also another responsibility. The good thing about this responsibility is that it will keep peace between our countries and there is no fighting going on and the less likely chance we will go to war where there will be death caused by bombs, gunshot wounds and a great deal of injury. In 1992, the UN sent more than 10,000 British troops over to Yugoslavia to......

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...Evaluate the responsibilities of the different levels of government in the UK and explain the electoral process. The electoral process in the UK is based on the 'first past the post' rule. This means that a candidate wins a constituency simply by gaining more votes than any other candidate. However, this does not necessarily mean that the successful candidate received the majority of votes. For example, should four candidates compete, their seat in The House of Commons could be won with as few as 26% of the overall votes cast. Similarly no government elected since nineteen-forty-five has secured over fifty percent of the national vote.1 These results arise because the British electoral system permits minority rule, not simply majoritarianism. The more candidates that stand and the more evenly balanced their support, the fewer votes are needed to win. Ultimately there will always be a mismatch between votes cast and seats won unless every voter supports one candidate, since there is only one seat to win. Each candidate must consent to nomination and must be supported by at least ten registered electors who live in the constituency. There are few prohibitions on candidacy but a potential Roles and responsibilities for climate change in Australia Paper released at the second meeting of the Select Council on Climate Change. Introduction Governments at all levels, businesses, households and the community each have important, complementary and differentiated roles......

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...Evaluate whether the Westminster model system of government adopted by English speaking Caribbean countries accommodates corruption as a way of governance. First of all, the Westminster system is a democratic parliamentary system of government that was adopted by the Commonwealth Countries. The system was created in the United Kingdom and was adopted after the British left its colonies in the Caribbean and left in place political institutions and norms. In addition the term Westminster originated from the Palace of Westminster, the seat of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Most of the Commonwealth Countries used this system as the national and subnational legislatures and it’s a series of procedures for operating a legislature, the Commonwealth Countries that operate under the Westminster, parliament are said to be uses the bicameral legislation (parliaments are divided into two house) or the unicameral (one parliaments). Some Characteristic of a Westminster are: • a head of state • a head of government (or head of the executive), known as the prime minister (PM) • a de facto executive branch usually made up of members of the legislature with the senior members of the executive in a cabinet led by the head of government • Parliamentary opposition (a multi-party system) • an elected legislature, often bicameral and some unicameral in which at least one house is elected, • a lower house of parliament with an ability to dismiss a government by “withholding (or......

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...third of the country’s new HIV cases (Birds, Bees, and Bad Information). Sex education should be taught in schools all around the United States, better than they are being taught now anyway. The government needs to step in and make sure that these classes are being taught right and that they are 100% medically accurate. Sex education needs to be in every public school in the country since teens who receive it are 50% less likely to have an unplanned pregnancy than those who receive abstinence only or no sex ed (Birds, Bees, and Bad Information). Most parents agree. There is even a group called Advocates for Youth that agrees with this. They are a 33-year-old agency that focuses on the sexual and reproductive health of youth throughout the world and they have repeatedly studied domestic sex education programs (Birds, Bees, and Bad Information). For more than three decades, the organization has worked tirelessly to promote effective adolescent reproductive and sexual health programs and policies in the United States and the global south (Advocates of Youth). Their mission is to make efforts to help young people make informed and responsible decisions about their sexual health (Advocates of Youth). They want society and young people to live by the 3 R’s: Rights, Respect, and Responsibility. Youth have the right to accurate and complete sexual health information, confidential reproductive and sexual health services, and a secure stake in the future (Our Vision: 3 R’s). Youth......

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...detail the responsibilities of the different levels of government in the UK How government is structured The Prime Minister is the head of the UK government. He is ultimately responsible for all policy and decisions. He oversees the operation of the Civil Service and government agencies, appoints members of the government, is the most notable figure in the House of Commons. Currently the, Prime Minister is David Cameron that won recent election in May 2015. The Cabinet - The Cabinet is made up of the senior members of government. Every week during Parliament, members of the Cabinet (Secretaries of State from all departments and some other ministers) meet to discuss the most important issues for the government. There are 21 members of the Cabinet. Ministers - Ministers are chosen by the Prime Minister from the members of the House of Commons and House of Lords. They are responsible for the actions, successes and failures of their departments. Altogether there is 96 Ministers that are responsible for day to day running of their departments. There is 117 ministers, plus one prime minister, so altogether there is 118 people running day to day operations of the country. Central Government - The government also has the power to make laws for the entire country, in contrast with local governments. However, the Prime Minister (David Cameron) is head of the UK government so he’s responsible for all of the policy and decisions he makes. The central government has......

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