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March 2012: M plc
Question a i. Evaluate the risks to M plc associated with allowing subscribers to post comments and views on the newspaper website.

M plc is a long established publisher of newspapers and provider of web media. Based on their mission statement, their reputation is depending on the quality of report and information. The quality of information referred to truthful and accurate information given by M plc to the readers. The online version of newspaper that allows subscriber to post comments and view the newspaper website is a good decision. But they need to aware with the various type of risk that they need to face.

The first risk is about inaccurate post and false information. Subscriber can post anything in their mind that can attract more people for their own publicity. This will occur in M plc because they don’t have any control to edit or verified what the subscriber wants to comment. For example, the information about beauty of artist by taking a beauty capsule post in M plc website. This is a false statement where that artist having a neutral beauty without taking any beauty capsule.

Other risk is false claim about the information given in M plc website. When subscribers give a false statement, the injured party will be sue and take an action to the website owner rather than to the person who made the false posting. They will blame to the owner of web site where M plc have a power to delete and approve the comment that had post at the web site. M plc will need to responsible to other fault in this case by paying compensation, penalty and other things. For example, in this case J is a famous pop singer who had endorses range vegetarian meals. The post’s author claimed to have seen J eating a meet dish in restaurant. This post is a wrong statement. J is seeking for compensation from M plc for the loss of this earnings and also damage…...

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