Expanded Applications of Gis/Gps

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Expanded applications of GIS/GPS
Pamela Armstrong
December 8th, 2015
Zahid Vermani

Expanded applications of GIS/GPS
Geography gives visualization to the world around us and helps identify different types of environments and our relation to their development. Through time humans have employed new and advancing geographical tools to help describe the world. For example, one of the first geological tools used to describe the planet were maps and over the years they have become increasingly detailed and interactive. The current geological tools incorporate maps and computer technologies known as GIS and GPS.
Continuously, GIS stands for geographic information systems, and it combines visual data concerning information about shapes, sizes, and locations that can be analyzed. The power of a GIS is its ability to analyze location, features or objects (such as a stream), and feature characteristics (such as water quality, direction of flow), in relation to other locations, features, and their characteristics (National Park Service US Department of Interior, n.d.). GPS is defined as a global positioning system using satellites to accurately pinpoint locations and give directions to other locations by using satellites that orbit the earth.
With this in mind, a combination of these two tools help to give a 3d image of the earth and bring all its geological features to life but most importantly they can be used to analyze information to help improve many areas of concern about the planet. For example, if someone worked for the National Park Service a modeling of landscapes can give us valuable information about a parks ecosystem or historical setting, and help us visualize how it will look in the future under various management strategies (National Park Service Department of Interior, n.d.). These geographical tools can be used to monitor and maintain care of…...

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