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Looking back over the jobs that I have encounter over the years of employment, I think I have experienced work very well. I enjoy getting a paycheck and being able to satisfy my bills each month. I also enjoy being able to get some of the things that I want for me and for my family. Sometime, just out of daily frustrations, I hear people as well as myself complaining about how jobs can be. Sometimes, certain people are favored for doing nothing and generally the people that work their butt off and follow all policies and procedures gets the low end of the stick. I think in general that people do like their jobs, but just sometimes do not like some of the things they endure on these job. I experience work by being prompt, fulfilling my job while doing what I have to do to keep it and by maintaining a positive attitude. I think the best thing about my job is that I get a paycheck. I feel this way because this is not the job that I want for my future and while working on my Master’s degree here at Ashford University hopefully will help me get the ideal job for my future. For me right now, working is a necessity. This is something that I truly need at the moment. As I age into retirement, working probably would be something just for me to past the time away. Money probably will not mean as much to me then as it will when I retire, because I think my experience working would feel more meaningful then.


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