Explore the Relationship Between Amir and Baba.

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Explore the relationship between Amir and Baba.

Throughout the novel The Kite Runner, the relationship between Amir and Baba has many ups and downs, the reader sees it broaden as Amir grows older and it is clear that deep down their relationship is strong.
Amir tells the reader during his dream that he ‘can never tell Baba from the bear.’ This gives the impression that Baba is strong and rugged in appearance. It is important that the reader knows that Baba is the narrator’s father; due to the unconditional love we expect between father and son, Amir’s opinion may well be biased. Indirectly, the reader can make an opinion on Baba, and his relationship with Amir, through his speech and actions as described by Amir. The reader is told that ‘Baba heaved a sigh of impatience.’ This shows that Baba, unlike most fatherly figures has very little patience with Amir and even the smallest things that Amir does seems to get on his nerves.
Hosseini suggests that Amir is some what intimidated by Baba from the quotation ‘My father was a force of nature, a towering Pashtun specimen with a thick beard, a wayward crop of curly brown hair as unruly as the man himself,’ The metaphor ‘My father was a force of nature’ suggests an essence of fear; the character of Baba is not to be reckoned with. The reader is presented with imagery of a storm at sea or a hurricane as Rahim Khan Nicknames Baba. This could suggest an element of incomparable strength, recklessness and perhaps the tendency of storms and hurricanes which could represent the large amount of people who he has influence over, including Amir. The noun ‘force’ emphasises the strength that is trying to be shown and how Amir is intimidated by him.
As the novel continues and the reader witnesses that their relationship is rather distant. When it comes to the Kite tournament Amir sees this as a way to win Baba’s approval and…...

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