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Extended Definition of Comedy

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Extended Definition of Comedy.
Define “comedy”. When browsing the Internet for the definition of comedy, they all have the quote: “a light and humorous drama with a happy ending.” Comedy is full of opposites and contradictions. Something is funny when it’s both expected and unexpected. Something is funny when it’s familiar and unfamiliar. There are various types of comedy including irony, sarcasm, parody, spoof and many more. Irony is where the opposite of what is expected happens or where someone says the opposite of what they mean, while sarcasm is where an insult or quick remark is fired at someone with the intention of causing injury. Parody is when someone deliberately mimics the style of another for comic effect or ridicule. Spoof is somewhat like parody, except it’s lighter and has a gentle imitation. It is not necessarily intended to make fun of the thing being spoofed but the comedy happens in the allowance of the piece being spoofed.

Comedy is funny when the act is unexpected. For example, a woman buys a white coat and approaches a wet black bench. "Look out!" yells a zoo keeper. " Oh, thanks," says the woman, "I almost sat on that." Then an escaped lion leaps in from the side and bashes her. This is comedy because just like the woman, the audience did not know that a lion would appear and bash her, even though the zoo keeper warns her to watch out. We all though the same the the woman thought, that the zoo keeper was warning her about the wet bench. This would not be an example of comedy if the lion did not appear and the lady just walked away because then we would expect her not to sit on the wet bench, and everything would be fine, and the poor lady would not get attacked by anything.

Comedy is also funny when the act is expected. The woman from the last example will be my demonstration in this criteria as well. The woman buys a white coat that…...

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