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Extra Credit Assignment

1. Fifty percent of the sales of Hanson Company sales are for cash; the rest are on credit. Seventy percent of the credit sales are collected in the month of sale, twenty percent in the month following sale, and five percent in the second month following sale. The remainder is expected to be uncollectible. Monthly sales are budgeted as follows: $280,000 for January, $240,000 for February, and $320,000 for March. Prepare a schedule of expected cash collections for the month of March.

2. a) What are the major weaknesses of static budgets? “Directly comparing static planning budget revenues and costs to actual revenues and costs can easily lead to erroneous conclusions. Actual revenues and costs differ from budgeted revenues and costs for a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest is a change in the level of activity. One would expect actual revenues and costs to increase or decrease as the activity level increases or decreases. Flexible budgets enable managers to isolate the various causes of the differences between budgeted and actual costs” (Garrison 397). Garrison, R.. Managerial Accounting, 14th Edition. McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions, 2012. <vbk:0077624319#outline(9.7)>. b) What are the characteristics of a planning budget? “A planning budget is prepared before the period begins and is valid for only the planned level of activity. A static planning budget is suitable for planning but is inappropriate for evaluating how well costs are controlled. If the actual level of activity differs from what was planned, it would be misleading to compare actual costs to the static, unchanged planning budget. If activity is higher than expected, variable costs should be higher than expected; and if activity is lower than expected,…...

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...few hours when an older Driver by the name of John asked me to help him take out boxes. When he asked me to take out boxes I felt like since he was older it was only the polite thing to do in that situation. I would soon learn that more favors and request would come from John. When the favors and extra request started coming from older workers, I felt that I was being taken advantage of. This is when I asked my father for advice about when it was okay to say no to older people. He informed me that when you are working everyone should be equal and nobody should get special treatment. He also told me that if someone can’t hold their own then a manager needs to be informed about the situation. Then next time that John asked me to take out boxes I respectfully told him that I have work to do and wouldn’t be able to assist him. When I told him that I felt that I learned a lesson that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Working in a fast food restaurant such as Pizza Hut another form workplace of literacy you have to form teamwork. I was a familiar with other forms of teamwork, because I played high school football. Teamwork in the workplace was completely different though. There were some days when my manager would be having a rush of customers before some of us were scheduled to work. He would then call one of us to come in early, and start our shifts before we were supose to. I really didn’t want to come in early, until one day I was on the other side of the table...

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...Extra Credit FN08 Page 27 Exercise 1 Exercise 1: Where do you get your financial advice? Identify all the sources. In what circumstances might you seek a professional financial advisor? There are many circumstances in which one might want to seek the advice of a financial advisor. For example planning for retirement or having inherited money and other assets. It is important to seek a financial advisor especially when your financial circumstances are complicated. I get my financial advice from bankers, CPAs, lawyers, insurance agents, tax advisors, family, friends and teachers. It is important to know where your advisors interests lie and to have an idea of what your financial goals are. Working with a financial advisor prior to retirement is ideal. It is never too early to start saving and make your money work for you. There are many questions that one will need to answer when planning ahead for retirement. “How much do I need to retire?” “Can I afford to retire?” and “Will I run out of money?” Many people are able to track spending, saving and investing on their own. However when questions or decisions become too complicated it is best to seek professional advice. Those who inherit may not have much experience in managing large sums of money or assets. In this case it would wise to seek the help of a financial advisor to help plan for the future. An investment advisor would be appropriate in this case to help make investment decisions that would......

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...Extra Credit Today I attend a lecture talking about the errors within the focus of the US energy market and the ability to face the challenge of carbon dioxide pollution by Roger Sant. The emissions of carbon dioxide and other long-lived greenhouse gases that build up in the atmosphere endanger the health and welfare of current and future generations by causing climate change and ocean acidification. Long-lived greenhouse gases, which trap heat in the atmosphere, include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases. These gases are produced by a numerous and diverse human activities. Throughout this lecture, I realized that the risks to public health and the environment from climate change are substantial and far-reaching. Lecturer warn that carbon pollution and resulting climate change are expected to lead to more intense hurricanes and storms, heavier and more frequent flooding, increased drought, and more severe wildfires—events that can cause deaths, injuries, and billions of dollars of damage to property and the nation’s infrastructure. Some of these impacts already have been observed. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas pollution leads to more frequent and intense heat waves that increase mortality, especially among the poor and elderly. Other climate change public health concerns raised in the scientific literature include anticipated increases in ground-level ozone pollution, the potential for enhanced spread of some waterborne and pest-related......

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...Blair Ceola - 0101675393 March 18, 2014 Child Development – Tues/Thurs 12:30-1:45 Extra Credit Assignment #1 Verbal Communication of Humans vs. Bonobos Research has shown that children learn language indirectly from their parents or those around them by simply listening and watching what those around them are doing. It was shown during experiments with the bonobos that the baby monkeys could watch their parents being taught how to communicate through lexigrams and pick up on what they were learning, much like human children learn by watching their parents. The monkeys are able to use the lexigrams and the words they understand to make small and simple sentences to refer to things around them or tell their caretakers what they want. Human children do this as well before they are completely capable of constructing actual sentences. This difference, however, is that humans are able to learn and speak human language meaning that once they are old enough to truly understand language they are able to communicate vocally in a way everyone can understand and recognize. Bonobos, and monkeys in general, are unable to actually speak any human language because they are unable to comprehend and master the vocal side of communication in a way that humans can understand. The entire human life involves learning new concepts and information and growing intellectually; as infants we begin with little to no vocabulary and as we grow up we are able to comprehend more things and......

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...OPTIONAL EXTRA CREDIT I 2% OF YOUR OVERALL GRADE Due on Wednesday, May 7 Read the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, or any other major newspaper or weekly publication and select a single article or articles that (1) either report on interesting economic news that can be analyzed by the concepts or models taught in this course or (2) discusses one or more economic issues related to the concepts or models taught in this course. It is OK to use an online economics news article.   Write a three to four page essay analyzing the topic or critique the article from economic perspectives. Essay must be typed and double-spaced, (Times New Roman, font 12). The questions that you may address in this essay may include, but are not limited, to the following:
  * What is the main economic issue? * How is the economic issue related to the concepts or models that you have learned from this course? * What sorts of arguments/opinions have been discussed? * Do you agree or disagree with the analyses/opinions? Why? * What argument would you, as an economist, make?   The following is a suggested list of topics. This list is not exhaustive. INDUSTRY STUDY.   For a specific industry, choose a current issue such as deregulation, foreign competition, and the impact of new technologies, mergers/takeovers, changing methods of competition, labor problems, or financial changes. COMPANY STUDY.   Study the recent growth or decline of a particular company or its......

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...learning of Physics starts in school and in some cases, extra-curricular activities is one good basis to the performance of the students in Physics. Millard, Dean and Bear who were early experts on extra-curricular activities said “extra-curricular activities supplement and extend those contacts found in more formal part of the program of the school day.” Extra-curricular activities are performed inside the curriculum of the school which is offered to students. It is an opportunity to those who are not gifted academically and chance for those who are gifted academically to boost confidence and develop friendly and sporty personality. It also adds points to their holistic performance and development. Activity like this shows up the potential in students and increases their self-confidence. It develops skills such as cooperation, leadership, unity, and friendship among the students. Here in our country, Physics is considered as one of the curriculum objectives to excel through. It is one of the academic subjects together with Mathematics, English, and Filipino which are taught even in other schools. According to the curriculum objective of schools, it helps the students to understand the basic scientific concepts and aims to teach them to operate a number of laboratory equipment and apply scientific steps in problem solving. In fact, Physics has the highest number of unit among other academic subjects which is 1.8. Henceforth, extra-curricular activities and physics should......

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...Extra Credit 2 Jeff Chisholm 1 – Securities Exchange Commission (source: BYP4-5 of Kimmel textbook) What we do Answer the following questions: a. What event spurred the creation of the SEC? Why was the SEC created? The SEC was created due to the stock market crash of 1929 which led to the great depression. The SEC was created to protect investors in security exchanges such as the stock market. It is responsible for oversight of both private investment and corporate investment dealings. b. What are the five divisions of the SEC? Briefly describe the purpose of each. The five divisions of the SEC are corporate finance, enforcement, economic and risk analysis, investment management, and trading and markets. The corporate finance division ensures that investors are provided with up to date and accurate financial reporting data of market resources. The enforcement division investigates suspected violations of any activities pertaining to the other four divisions. The economic risk and analysis division analyses aspects of the market and all divisions of the SEC to mitigate risk in major market shifts. The investment management division has oversight of internal corporate investment plans such as mutual funds and exchange traded funds. The trading and markets division ensures that all aspects of the market are fair and orderly. c. What are the responsibilities of the chief accountant? The chief accountant is responsible for establishing and enforcing......

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...Extra Credit Assignment 2 The world is full of entrepreneurs who have created a business or product that they believed in. The industry of modeling is no different. The article from Forbes.com identifies a plus size woman, Ashley Graham, who created the healthy image of women to be pictured on the front cover of Sport Illustrated Magazine along with her own lingerie line. The article is written by Susan Adams who demonstrated a unique take on the everyday interviewing process which relates to the concepts of interviewing biases that we have discussed in class. The first concept that the article shows is about the business model with a closer look at two of the nine components; value proposition and customer segment. The article not only shows how entrepreneurs’ ideas come in all shapes and sizes but so do their owners. Graham not only is the first plus size woman on the cover of Sports Illustrated, but she has produced her own clothing line that has over $1.6 million in sales. She uses the business model to segment her market and assess the needs and values of her customers. The first step in the business model that I will be examining is the value proposition and how it is all about satisfying the needs of your customers and solving the problems that occur. This concept allows Graham to connect with her customers on a unique level by offering them a clothing/ lingerie line for those women who are plus size. She solves the plus sized women’s problem of finding lingerie......

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