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Description: The Objective of this project is to develop a system to keep the vehicle secure and protect it by the occupation of the intruders.

Scope: We can’t take care of ours while in running by less conscious. If we done all the vehicles with automated security system that provides high security to driver, also gives alarm.

Function: This project involves measure and controls the eye blink using IR sensor. The IR transmitter is used to transmit the infrared rays in our eye. The IR receiver is used to receive the reflected infrared rays of eye. If the eye is closed means the output of IR receiver is high otherwise the IR receiver output is low. This to know the eye is closing or opening position. This output is give to logic circuit to indicate the alarm. This project involves controlling accident due to unconscious through Eye blink. Here one eye blink sensor is fixed in vehicle where if anybody looses conscious and indicate through alarm.


1. Introduction ……....……………….………………………………..……6
2. System Model…….……………………………………………….…….7 2.1 Basic Model of The System …….…..……………………..…….7 2.2 Circuit Diagram …….……………………………………..……...8 2.3 Parts of The System …………………………...………..………..9 2.3.1 IR Sensing Circuit………..…….………..……………….9 2.3.2 Alarm Circuit……..………………………………………11 2.3.3 LM358 Comparator………….………………………….13
3. Hardware Description………………………………………..……….. 14 3.1 Microcontroller (AT89S52)……………………………..………..16 3.2 Liquid Crystal Display….……..……………………………….. 18 3.3 Power Supply….………………….………………….………….20
4. Software……………………………………………………….………..22 4. 1 Introduction to KEIL…………………………………….………. 22 4.2 What is…...

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