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Promote Your Product & Brand with Facebook Advertisement.

Alien Outsourcing provides Facebook advertising service.

Alien Outsourcing fundamentally changes the way brands engage consumers in social media with a strategy-based approach underpinning powerful media management technology, performance-based pricing and unparalleled quantitative analysis.

You can reach people based on their:
- Location - by city, state, province, or country.
- Demographics - by age range, gender or a specific language.
- Likes and interests - what are your customers' hobbies or passions.
- Education and work - you can direct your campaign to students in a specific college or people with a particular level of education.

Advertisement Price List-

[1] Pay Per Click - 1 Click @ 2 TK (minimum bid)
[2] Pay Per Impression - 1,000 Impressions @ 5 TK (minimum bid)

Minimum Starting Budget 1,000 TK Only

Note: Cost of an Ad does not depend on duration of time (day, week or month). The cost depends on the number of Clicks or Impressions the Ad receives. Speed of an Ad depends on the rate of bid. Higher bid results faster speed.

FAQ: What is the difference between Pay Per Click and Pay Per Impression?

Ans: With Pay Per Click (PPC) the advertiser pays when a user clicks on the ad.
With Pay Per Impression the advertiser pays each time the ad is displayed to a user. Rates are typically per 1000 impressions (CPM).

How to Order:

Step #1: To place Advertisement Order please Email your Ad's content to <alien.outsourcing.bd@gmail.com>

The content should have:
1. Heading (25 characters)
2. Body (90 characters)
3. Picture (100 pixels wide x 72 pixels tall)
4. Link (facebook page or website)
5. Target Customer (location, gender, age, etc)

Or we can design your ad on…...

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