Facility Planning I

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Facility Planning Part I
Alice Dennis
April 14, 2014
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Facility Planning Part I
Health care services are important for an individual to continue existence and accessible when needed in the community, which is harmless, and sanitary. The expansion is for the well- being of the public and the facility, which is set to develop the reconstruction or extension of the outpatient clinic. The facility is Redwood Falls Minnesota, called Redwood Area Hospital Outpatient Center. This paper will describe the community or facility need of the building, the people the facility serve, and the description of the facility.
Community or Facility Need of the Building
There is a need for strategic planning within any business or healthcare organization. The planning should consist of mapping out the objective, idea and purpose for the project. The renovation or expansion should have a long-term horizon that measured in years instead of months or weeks. The mapping and expanding of the outpatient facility entail too much time and deliberation with concern to rigid conditions, resources, the scheduling and expansion of the important structures and interior design of the outpatient center. In 2008, a group of workers consisted of the board members, administration and over 70 physicians and other health care provider’s position on the frontlines of patient care daily. They formed a plan for the future of health care deliverance for the community in the next decade. The following year, the hospital decided to serve the growing community, the group would embark on a renovation and expansion development that would include home care, birthing center, hospices, and a new outpatient center. The people in the community needed a more centered location for all the different types of services, in which constructing another entrance and shifting the parking lot and…...

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