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Dianna McWilliams
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1 February 2014
Friends Call Family]
When I look at the whole picture of my life thus far, I often think there are so many times in my life that I could not have survived without my friends who I call family. There are those who teach me and those who walk with me through hardship and joy. I believe all humans have these people in their lives but maybe with a different name for them.
There’s the forever friend’s, the ones that remain in my heart and have for many years. These are the women who I have gone several years without contact with, then comes that day we reconnect, and it’s like we never loss touch. These are the friends that when you talk to them there is the same love and respect you have always felt for them. These are friends that I have known for a lifetime and we share a special bond that cannot be understood or replaced even as our worlds are so far apart. We remain always friends
There is another kind of friendship, friends in recovery. There are a few in which I can say we have true respect, trust and a common path we walk together. They are honest and loyal friends both men and women. I trust them with my deepest secrets, my fears, my joy and my struggles. These are the friends that will tell me the truth not sugar coat my ideas about life. They are the ones I have coffee with or a small dinner party, we laugh about things that life throws at us that most people cannot understand. We live by principals and walk a spiritual path together.
These are the friends I can always rely on and them on me. We carry each other in good times and bad! They are without a doubt the most trusted friends I call family in my life. ..
My biker family, who I call my brothers and sisters. They are friends who do not care what opinions others have of you because they take you for what you are. These are the friends that I…...

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