Family Values and Academic Performance of Students

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Thought that I
Dm7/G Gm7 Gm/F
Would nev – er see
C2/E Bb/F F /E
The glory of one saved for me; D2sus Dm Gm9 Gm/F
As I behold my heart’s desire,
C2/E A/C# D2sus D
I’m fin – al – ly com – plete.

Chorus 1:
And, to one love,
Em7 Am7
I’ll give my ev – ‘ry – thing,
C/D D/C Bm7 Em7
My all, to you alone,
Am7 Bm7 CM7
O, as now I say, “I do.”
B2 G#m
For all my life, my love,

I promise you
A#m7(b5) D#7 G#m BM7/F#
My heart forevermore,
And only you
E#m7(b5) Em6
Cherish and adore;
Em D#m7 G#m7
So, from this day on,
C#m7 E/F# F#7 B E2
I will serve you with one love.
( transition: Fm11 Ab/Bb Bb )

Man of all my
Ebm7/Ab Abm7 Abm/Gb
Hopes and dreams,
Db2/F Cb/Gb Gb
Lead me to our des – ti – ny,
Eb2sus Ebm Abm9
For I am yours
And you are mine,
Db2/F Bb/D Eb2sus
Un – til e – ter – ni – ty.

Chorus 2:
Eb Ab2
And, to one love,
Fm7 Bbm7
I’ll give my ev – ‘ry – thing,
Db/Eb Eb/Db Cm7 Fm7
My all, to you a – lone,
Bbm7 Cm7 DbM7
As now I say, “I do.”
C2 Am7
For all my life, my love,
I promise you
Bm7(b5) E7 Am CM7/G
My heart forevermore,
C/G F#m7(b5) Fm6
Only you cherish and adore;
Fm Em7 Am7
So, from this day on,
Dm7 F/G G7 C
I will serve you with one love.
Transition: Eb – Cm7
Eb/F – Fm7 – Ab/Bb – Bb/Ab Gm7 – Cm7
Ab/Bb – Bb – Ab/Bb

GM9 Em9
O, Lord,
We’ll give our everything,
C/D D/C Bm7 Em7
Our all to You alone,
Am7 Bm7 CM7
As now we say, “we do.”
B2 G#m7
For all of our lives,
We promise You
A#m7(b5) D#7 G#m BM7/F#
Our hearts forevermore,
B/F# Em7(b5) Em6
Only You cherish and adore
Em D#m7 G#m7
And, from this day on,
C#m7 E/F#
We will serve You, Lord
F#/E F#/G# G#m7
And with joy we’ll sing
AM7 E/F#
Unto You our King
F#/E D#m7 G#m7
So, from this day on , C#m7 B/C# E/F# F#/7 B
We will serve You with one…...

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