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Kentico EMS Marketing Quick Start Guide
Marketing Personas
What is a marketing persona?
Personas are archetypal characters created to represent the different user types within a targeted demographic, attitude or behavior set that might use a site, brand or product a similar way. Personas are often combined with market segmentation to represent specific customers.
Why do I need marketing personas?
Personas are a way to consider the goals, desires and limitations of your customers. They are used to guide decisions about a service, product, interaction, feature, and visual design of a website.
What marketing personas are NOT
Marketing personas are not a single user. They are a representation of the goals and behaviors of a hypothesized group of users. In many cases they are captured in a 1-2 page description that include behavior patterns, goals, skills, attitudes, and a few fictional details the make the persona a realistic character.
Benefits of personas
• Consistency across the business for marketing message and lead definition.
• Better organizational understanding of your customer’s needs wants and desires.
• Understanding where your customers are spending their time will enable better targeting of content and promotion opportunities.
• Better quality sales leads and lead nurturing programs for different personas.
• More targeted analytics as you can discover which types of personas make better customers.
Example persona questions
• What is the segments’ age range?
• What is the segment’s educational level?
• What is the segment’s social interest?
• What is the segment’s job status?
• What is the segment’s typical work experience?
• What is the segment likely to get their information? (TV, Internet, Facebook, Linked in, Twitter, etc.)?
• What three adjectives would the segment use to describe themselves?
Common usages…...

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