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Budget Airlines, Book Cheapest Airline Tickets Online | Itinerary

As per Government guidelines, check-in counters at all airports will now close 45 minutes before departure with immediate effect. Please plan your Airport arrival accordingly.

Booking Reference

Name Address : : Prasad C gv Iim indore Indore mp 453331 india Home: 09584703222 Booking Date : 10 Dec 2012

Prasad C gv

Flight Information
Hyderabad 17:10 hrs Indore 18:55 hrs

Wednesday, 26 Dec 12


1hr 45mins

* Al l ti mes a re l oca l to the respecti v e a i rport [ 24hrs f orma t]

Payment Information
Fare 3,940.00

[Indian Rupee (INR)]

(fare + airline fuel charge + transaction charge) PSF Airport Fee UDF/ADF/DF/TK Service Tax @4.95 % (Incl.2%EC ,1%SHEC ) 225.00 484.00 195.00

Amount Paid



Terms and Conditions General Information 1. Guests are requested to present valid photo identification for all guests, including children and infants. The only acceptable proof of identification for International flights would be a valid passport. 2. SpiceJet’s Schedules are subject to change and regulatory authority approvals. 3. All Foreign Nationals/Non-Indian Nationals/NRI need to carry their Passport with valid documents for their travel to Port Blair(Andaman and Nicobar Island).All NRI must have PIO or Passport with valid documents. 4. For all international flights, the only acceptable proof of identification would be a valid passport.A passport must have 6 months validity from the date of travel. A passport must have a valid visa for travel. It is guest responsibility to ensure appropriate travel documents are arranged and produced whenever required. We request all guests to check and confirm from consulate of respective countries for exact travel requirement and formalities. However, for travel to and from Nepal the following proofs of…...

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