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Fin 370 Week 3 Team Paper

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Ethics and Compliance
Alvin Short, Monyetta Soco, Heidy Lavaire, Kim Ford, Joseph Monday
FIN 370
27 January 2014
Lyndi Day

Strategic planning or what is sometimes called “long range planning” determines where Disney would be headed business wise in the next few years or more and what initiatives Disney will use to get there. Strategic planning is just one of the different steps to be performed in achieving a solid plan. As Disney encounters different issues such as the current state of the economy or positive opportunities, planners must come to careful and smart conclusions. Planners for Disney should always include the current financial state of the company, during the planning process. There are a few key steps pertaining to the financial aspect of strategic planning: developing financial goals, alternative courses of action, evaluating risk, implementing a financial action plan, and reevaluating your plan. During the planning process, at some point, senior planners will need to identify or update the strategic philosophy. This process can be accomplished by updating the mission, the vision, and the core values statement to be aligned with the strategic plan. “Some deft observer of the laws of physics as well as economics once said that the two most powerful forces in the world are gravity and the time value of money, (” Time Value of Money is a beginning block for financial planning, and Disney must have a genuine understanding of this process in order to achieve financial security throughout this strategic initiative. The Time Value Concept or TVM, opens up doors for Disney to magnify their goals in dollar amounts by using five “variables” that equivalent in any given situation. Now and future value, number of compounding periods, interest rate, and occasional payment amount are the variables that can…...

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