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Appendix E
Final Paper Matrix
Fill in the matrix below, in which you will select two pieces of literature from the assigned course readings to compare and contrast in your final essay. Additionally, develop three possible topics for your paper, which your instructor will review for approval. Lastly, list and describe three to five sources that you will use to write your essay.
|Literature |Title: Everyday Uses |
|Selection One |Author: Alice Walker |
| |Why I Chose This Piece: I chose this because of the symbolism it uses on the values placed on old quilts. |
|Literature |Title: The House on Mango Street |
|Selection Two |Author: Sandra Cisneros |
| |Why I Chose This Piece: It emphasizes the symbolization on the emotions that Esperanza feels about her life circumstances. |
|Topics |Primary Topic: Find the different symbolism and compare them between the quilts and the house. |
| |Alternative Topic 1: Find the tone that is set in both stories and a conclusion on what the conflict is. |
| |Alternative…...

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