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Group : 911 – Healthy Cook | Intt465 – Term Project Final Report | Instructor: Albert Özkohen |

Tuğçe Ulusu, Gökhan Üzümcü, Celal Güner, Merih Sorkut

Table of Contents: Executive Summary: 3 Business Description: 4 Business Goals: 5 Our Mission 5 Our Vision 5 Business Model: 5 Market Analysis: 7 Identifying Target Markets: 7 Target Market Research: 7 Competitor Analysis: 8 Defining the Competitive Position: SWOT Analysis, A Useful Approach: 8 Strengths and Weaknesses of Competitors: 10 Competitive Strategy: 10 Operations: 10 Financial Statement 12 Start-up Budget – Period Covering : (Jan) 2016 – (April) 2016 12 Cash Flow 13 Income & Expense Statement 14 Balance Sheet 15

Executive Summary:
There’s an expression as “you are what you eat” to make people realise how bad they are nourished and take an action to eat more healthy. However, in today’s Turkey, especially in big cities, people’s eating habit is worsening day by day.
In the past our mothers were the ones who take the all responsibility in the kitchen. While our fathers were working and bringing home food, our mothers (or the women in the house) were cooking everything for us. We weren’t worrying about what we ate. However, this tradition is now changing. Especially in big cities like İstanbul, and especially with the new generation, women have joined the workforce. Most of the young women now working as many hours in a day as men do. Consequently, when they arrive home they were tired enough to not want to cook for themselves or the family. Instead, they order food.
Furthermore, most of the students who study outside of their hometown, far from their families prefer to eat outside or order food rather than cooking at home and unfortunately, most of the time, what they eat is not healthy.
Lastly, most of young…...

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