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According to China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the China Internet network development status statistics report shows that in 2012, the size of China's Internet users reached 564000000, mobile Internet users reached 420000000, the network has become a part of people's lives, especially in young people. Network to bring convenience to people, at the same time, a variety of "disease" and "addiction" also quietly lurking around the people, "social network dependence syndrome" is one of them.
Now at a party, singing and so on occasion, some people in the chat will occasionally come up with mobile phones, brush circle of friends or twitter, individual people chat while days of the absent-minded, in front of the phone started the "plodding". "There is a primary school students get together, there is a classmate after dinner took the mobile phone into his' world ', would like to talk with him before the time of the students, the results finally get a QQ number, tell me later often contact."…...

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...prevalent Australian attitudes about masculinity, violence and racism through the use of characterisation, language, and performance space and proxemics. “the removalist” is the play that my group had re-enacted; in my group performance for the removalist, our group had staged the scene by creating different spaces throughout our original space that we were given and we also created levels descending on what particular block the character’s would be on like Fiona; she is a very quiet, lower class subtle character who is often over powered by her elder upperclass sister. The difference in the stages levels are shown when Fiona is pushed back onto the bench and sitting there quietly behind her sister whereas the spotlight is on Kate and the other characters. This shows the importance of Fiona’s role throughout the play. The scenes impact from the use of levels makes the audience automatically feel sorry for Fiona as she is always the ignored one and is mostly pushed back by her elder sister, creating a feel of empathy towards Fiona from the audience, this changes their experience. The play Norm and Ahmed the use of language and status throughout Buzo’s play helps convey to the audience the themes of racism and violence in Australian culture. During the scene we explored I played Ahmed the “outsider”. Throughout the play the use of space was used very limitedly as it was a short scene, where there was a bench and just one light showing down on us creating an uncomfortable ......

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...disease. The onset of the film describes the lives of Fiona and Grant Anderson, who had been married for over forty-four years. They lived in Fiona's grandparent's home in Ontario for most of their marriage, and shared similar interests in their hobby's and lifestyle. The movie progresses by depicting their routine ski trekking on a frozen lake and casual readings together. The purpose of depicting aspects of their everyday life was to enhance the sharp contrast in Fiona's behaviors as her Alzheimer's progressed. At first, Grant believed that her moments of forgetfulness were just that, but the occurrences became more drastic over time. The turning point that clearly demonstrated Fiona's Alzheimer development was her wandering across the forest in the freezing cold, where Grant had to drive around town to find her looking at the sights over a bridge far from home. This led to an official diagnosis of Fiona's Alzheimer's disease, and left them with the difficult challenge with what to do next. The option to admit Fiona in Meadowlakes Alzheimer's care center was strongly supported by Fiona herself, and Grant was resistant towards her placement after visiting the center. After mild deliberation, Grant gave in to Fiona's request and she was admitted into the care center. A 30-day no visitation period was required, which completely devastated Grant who could barely stay hours apart from his wife. On the way to the care center, Fiona brought up Grant's infidelity when he was a......

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...of Fiona’s suicide, falling in love, and Marcus’ arrest all culminate in the maturation of Will and Marcus’ and the genesis of interpersonal connections between. First, Fiona’s suicide causes Marcus to grow much older than his years, and to become in a sense the caretaker in the family. Fiona is Marcus’ mother who had split up with Marcus’ father a few years prior, a factor which had facilitated Fiona’s depression. Marcus had originally thought that his two person family was enough; he didn’t have friends in London, and thus was very socially isolated. He didn’t notice that two was a small family, “he’d always thought that two was a good number” (Hornby 75). Marcus worries about his mother after the suicide attempt and feels like he must always be watching her, out of fear that she would again attempt suicide. Suddenly Marcus realizes that he needed more people in his life, “But he could see the point now: if someone dropped off the edge, you weren’t left on your own” (Hornby 75). Marcus comes to realize the necessity of other people, and he begins to seek out the company of others. At this point Will, however, has just entered Marcus’ life, and watches as an observer as he witnesses Fiona in her unconscious state after they discover her overdose. Will barely lets the gravity of situation enter his mind, “it had all been very interesting but he wouldn’t want to do it every night” (Hornby 71). Even though Will imagined he didn’t care about Marcus’ problems, “No problem was......

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